Veterans Program


Veterans Coalition

Begun as a pilot program utilizing Discretionary Funds from the Community Services Block Grant Program, the Veterans Resource Coalition (VRC) was developed to address issues related to Veteran’s basic needs and other requests, to avoid duplication of services and to leverage funds, as well as to promote placement of Veterans into jobs. Currently the VRC consists of thirty four (34) member Agencies who come to the aide of Veterans and their families in need.

Some Veterans may experience difficulties in transitioning back to civilian life. Others may have challenges securing employment because of physical issues, mental health issues, various disabilities, substance abuse, homelessness or impending homelessness. The VRC is prepared to handle all of these issues through its network of Agencies.

During this past year the VRC sponsored several events. In April 2017 a “Stand Down” for Veteran’s event served forty four (44) participants providing food, clothing and blankets as well as stations of Agencies that provide services to homeless Veterans. In October 2017 a Veterans Resource Awareness Program was held on Lackawanna County Court House Square. One hundred (100) participants received information on various programs for Veterans presented by local providers. In November 2017 a “Stand Down” for homeless Veterans provided food, clothing, blankets and resource information to thirty nine (39) Veterans.

Through a grant from the Scranton Area Foundation the SLHDA, Inc. was able to provide reimbursement to area companies that hired a Veteran for an “Orientation Week” of up to a maximum of forty (40) hours at $10.00 per hour or $400.00. A total of twenty (20) Veterans were hired under the program.

Veterans Resource Coalition Members