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ACE Weatherization Deferral Program funded by Lackawanna County

What is the Whole Home Rehab Program?

ACE NEPA is proud to announce in collaboration with DCED and Lackawanna County, the Whole Home Repair Program. This Program will allow homeowners and renters who meet certain qualification guidelines to access the necessary capital needed to address issues that are preventing them from receiving Weatherization Services through ACE. This program is designed to specifically help residents of Lackawanna County receive Weatherization Services by addressing the issues that prevent the home from being weatherized.

This program is being run in conjunction with ACE’s regular Weatherization Program. The ultimate goal being to help residents fix those capital-intensive home repairs and save money on their energy bills under one organization. See the application below to identify if you meet the eligibility guidelines as stated within the program as presented to ACE.

Although exceptions can be made, Priority is given to those households who qualify for Weatherization Services through ACE. Please see the Eligibility Guidelines below. Please see SOP for homes previously Weatherized. 


Questions concerning the program can be emailed to

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