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UGI Weatherization

Weatherization services funded through UGI utilities.


Weatherization Measures Include:  

Air Sealing (Caulking, Weather Stripping, Door Sweeps)   -   Attic Insulation and Venting   -   Sidewall Insulation   -   Window Repairs   -  Energy Education


Furnace Measures Include:

Furnace Repair   -   Furnace Cleaning & Tune-up


Our Home Energy Auditor will evaluate where energy loss is most prevalent and:


Determine prioritization of allowable measures covered by the Department of Energy, Conduct energy education- every-day energy saving practices you follow to lower heating/cooling costs, and/or Provide contact information for any questions or concerns regarding Weatherization.


Interested applicants can contact UGI at (570) 829-8600 eligibility and referral.


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