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Greg Gentile

Weatherization Director


Greg Gentile is the Director of Weatherization since joining the organization in 2021.  The weatherization program is a key component in the Department of Energy’s drive to lower fuel costs for the nation as well as lower carbon emissions, especially among people who are either in or near the Federal poverty level.  These programs have been given a high priority as the nation moves towards a clean energy future.

Greg worked in finance for both Morgan Stanley and Lincoln Financial as well as the family electrical business.  This combination has allowed him to understand the complexities of both the nature of the physical work and the various fiscal components that this specific program demands.  As the programs evolve and gain even greater complexity both these levels of understanding remain key to the performance of the job.

Greg received both a B.S. and M.A. from the University of Scranton in History and he resides in Mt. Cobb with his wife and family.

Greg enjoys skiing, black coffee, and radishes. 

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