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ACE was created by the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 as part of a national network of federally funded Community Action Agencies (CAA’s) to administer various programs on the community level that assist people of low-income out of poverty conditions. Incorporated in 1965, ACE began with a budget of $430,000 as a grantee for the federal Head Start Program maintaining fiscal and administrative responsibility for services in Lackawanna, Pike, Susquehanna, and Wayne Counties.


ACE is a CAA authorized to administer funds received from federal, state, local, or private funding entities to assess, design, operate, finance, and oversee anti-poverty programs. ACE is intended to promote self-sufficiency and depends heavily on volunteer work, especially from the low-income community.


ACE's mission statement is to empower people with the skills needed to become self-sufficient and enhance their lives through education, training, life skills, and support services.


Over the past 50 years, ACE has developed a broad range of additional programs and services that promote school readiness for children and families and helps families struggling with the effects of poverty. These programs range from employment, education, income management, transportation, workforce initiatives, veterans support services, weatherization, crisis and emergency food assistance, to parenting support, childcare, and early learning programs.


ACE is here to Help People Prosper!

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“A child and her family came to the area as refugees from Ethiopia. They were not familiar with our culture and did not speak English. The child was enrolled in Head Start’s South Scranton I Center in August and by Christmas was speaking in 3 to 4 word sentences. With the help and support of the Teachers at that site, the child is now communicating with staff and peers in full sentences.”


"Dorthy and Zachery have been detrimental in helping me be able to get back reestablished into society. Empowerment has helped me and my fiancé to find a sense of purpose and be able to walk with dignity again."


"I'm very proud of this agency and their willingness to provide help for everyone."


"I am very pleased with the help they are giving to my grandson. My husband and i are in our mid 70 raising this wonderful normal 4yr. Old and the help of him playing with and learning with children of his age is very important for him."


"Love the center and all the people who work there! Fantastic with all the kiddos!!"


"Miss Kathy, Miss Jan, and Miss Joelene are all wonderful. My daughter enjoys going to pre-K every day because of these amazing women. Thank you for all you do!"


"My son loves going to school!! The teachers and staff are wonderful. He's way ahead of other kids his age because of this program."


"I just want to thank Dorothy and Zack so much for all the help, advice and guidance that they have given me. They are the best!"


"Great program, Dorothy and Zach are the great people I mainly worked with. they have both helped me tremendously, certainly above and beyond my expectations."